Finding the Motivation

You must start by getting your “mind” right. Find something that really motivates you. For me, I just wanted to get rid of my flabby stomach. After having 2 children I just wanted to be comfortable in my own skin. You cannot want to change your body for anyone else but you. We tend to get comfortable and eat what we want without consistent exercise. People will save up money to buy and invest in materialistic items like clothes, cars, and homes, etc but most will not take the time to invest in themselves. Don’t be one of those people.

You should never idolize anyone because everyone’s body is different, but consider following some fit people or fitness sites on your social media to motivate you. Some people with healthy lifestyles post things on social media that can be encouraging. So after your mind is made up, and you have decided that nothing and nobody is going to stop your journey to being fit and healthy then you need a good workout regimen and a proper diet. Supplementing missing nutrients when needed is also crucial to your success. If you can afford a personal trainer to push you and motivate you then I suggest getting one. Most people go to the gym and don’t have a clue as to what they are doing. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you are in the Houston/Katy area visit to find great affordable trainers who can help you reach your goals.

I want to also mention that most people seem to plateau during their fitness journey. After a few weeks of consistent progress, some people notice that the scale has not changed. For some people this could be explained by the added muscle mass. The scale may not have changed but they have lost inches all over their bodies. For others it’s not so simple. The body is an amazing thing. If you are in a situation where your food intake has drastically decreased or you are in starvation mode, your body will slow your metabolism down so you don’t burn calories as fast. When you are dieting your body gets used to that lower intake level and after a while your metabolism may decline and weight loss may stall. Studies show that dieting in intervals (about 2 weeks at a time) gives better results. 

No one can force you to eat unhealthy. New habits take time to become a part of your lifestyle. But before long, you won’t even have to try to eat clean & take your supplements. It will be second nature. It’s not hard to break bad eating habits once you see the benefits of eating healthy. Remember to cut out fried fatty foods, refined sugars, processed foods, added salts, and adhere to strict portion control at all your meals. Do not try to band all your favorite foods, you may have a relapse! Take it slowly and set small achievable goals. I want to end this blog by saying that life is short. Yes, cliché, I know but it is true. So be the best YOU possible. Live well, eat well. Decide “WHAT MOVES YOU?” “What motivates you?

Best of wishes to you.